Drainage, conduit and watercourse diversion

Drainage, conduit and watercourse diversion2020-12-02T14:46:13-05:00
High-density polyethylene (HDPE) and galvanized corrugated metal (GCM) culverts
Cofferdams and stream diversion
Modular arch culvert

On all job sites, runoff drainage must be considered. A sediment management and erosion control plan is implemented to limit waterborne sediment transport. Culverts and conduits are thus required. In addition to our sediment control options and geosynthetics, needed for conduit stabilization, we offer high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and galvanized corrugated metal pipe (GCMP) drainage lines manufactured in Canada. We are also a distributor of Enviro Span modular arch culvert systems, which make it possible to cross a watercourse without disturbing the stream bed.

As a standard-setter in the area of environmental impact mitigation solutions for construction sites, we have worked closely with our clients to develop a number of temporary watercourse diversion systems. Visit our Cofferdam section to learn more.