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Signaling, anchors and nautical safety

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When work is being done under, on or near water, nautical safety measures and maritime signalling are crucial to ensure the safety of workers, recreational boaters and those in the vicinity.

Various authorities such as Transport Canada, the Canadian Coast Guard and the CNESST have formulated requirements for work in aquatic environments, concerning both the safety of individual workers and the security of the worksite.


Terraquavie offers various products that will help you comply with standards regarding private buoys (TP 14799) and navigation aids (TP 968), and with Transport Canada or SOLAS standards for personal protection equipment.

We also offer a full line of anchoring and nautical marking systems to keep containment curtains, booms and marker buoys in place and ensure that they are safe. Among other things, these anchoring systems allow turbidity curtains or hydrocarbon booms to be used safely, without interfering with the work.

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