Environmental and nautical safety

hydrocarbon spill control

Emergency spill kits

Nearly all construction sites are required to have a hydrocarbon recovery kit that can be accessed quickly in the event of a spill

There are two types of kits: for vehicles and for the site.

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Vehicle kits are smaller and generally come in a bag. They are more compact, to allow for storage inside a vehicle.

Site kits are bulkier and come packed in watertight drums. These kits are more comprehensive and normally have the capacity to absorb one and one-half times the volume of hydrocarbons contained in the largest tank on the site. The drums are used as needed to dispose of soiled sorbents in case of incident.


The products in the kits are single use only, and must be disposed of after use in accordance with applicable regulations. However, the containers are reusable, and refill kits can be ordered to replenish them.

Terraquavie offers standard kits that will generally meet all your needs, such as the MTQ project kit. We can also prepare custom kits or add items to the existing ones.