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Hydrocarbon spill control

Hydrocarbon spill control2020-12-02T15:22:37-05:00

Equipment that uses hydrocarbon-based products is necessary on most construction sites. In the event of an accidental oil spill, you must respond rapidly to contain, absorb and dispose of the spilled petroleum products.

Solutions manufactured with impermeable geomembranes can limit the extent of the damage.

When the contaminant has been contained, it must be absorbed and recovered for disposal. Retention and storage berms, impermeable tarpaulins and containment booms are used to contain the spill, while kits containing sorbents allow recovery.

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Terraquavie manufactures impermeable oil containment products that serve as pre-deployed preventive measures at the site in the event of an unforeseen incident. In addition, we distribute emergency recovery kits and sorbents to quickly bring accidental spills under control.

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