High-performance geotextiles

High-performance geotextiles are woven monofilament geotextiles designed to have very high tensile strength coupled with greater permeability to water. The flow rates and pore structures of these make it possible to achieve specific results for certain applications.


Used for reinforcement, separation, filtration and containment applications. Geotextiles of this type are used predominantly in the transport infrastructure sector, and allow a more uniform load distribution in civil engineering applications.

They are also used in manufacturing products like Terraquavie containment and turbidity curtains and geotextile sludge dewatering tubes.

Terraquavie offers a vast selection of high-performance geotextiles on request, and distributes products from various North American manufacturers.

We also offer a cutting and seaming service as well as developing and producing products based on these geotextiles.

Contact our technical department: we are there to meet your needs.

High-performance geotextiles comparative table
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