Water treatment

Floating wastewater curtains

Floating wastewater curtains for treatment ponds and lagoons can be used to divide the lagoon into sections, promoting settling of suspended matter to meet government requirements.


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The main functions of floating wastewater curtains are:

  • directing water flow;

  • reducing flow velocity;

  • increasing the residence time of suspended matter in each section so that it comes in contact with the additives needed for appropriate treatment.

Depending on the type of project and the desired application, curtains of this type may be permanent or temporary. Treatment time, contaminant content in the water to be treated and overall project duration all influence the composition and cost of the selected curtains.

Wastewater curtains are manufactured by thermoplastic welding and most are impermeable. They comprise a geomembrane-covered polypropylene float or a hard-shelled float, a geomembrane skirt, tension ropes and a weight pocket with a ballast chain. They are designed with the same contour as the lagoon, so that the curtains hug the bottom. Depending on the design, they may also have windows.

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