Nonwoven geotextiles

Nonwoven geotextiles are made up of randomly arranged short fibres linked together by means of a needle-punching and/or thermo-calendering process. They have a felt-like appearance.


This type of geotextile is the one most often used, for various applications, on the majority of construction sites. It offers very good filtration, drainage, separation and protection performance.

Terraquavie distributes nonwoven geotextiles manufactured in Québec by Texel Technical Materials. We use Texel products in a number of the sediment management and spill control products we manufacture.

We maintain an extensive inventory of nonwoven geotextiles. The entire BNQ-compliant line is available. Our clients appreciate the fact that our rolls are stored under shelter from the weather, making them easier to handle at the site.

We offer a cutting and seaming service and fast delivery.

NONWOVEN GEOTEXTILES comparative chart
mechanical shovels installing crushed stone over nonwoven geotextile