Sediment control

Sediment control2021-03-15T15:38:05-04:00
Turbidity curtains
Sewer manhole and catch bassin sediment traps
Dewatering bags
Sediment retention fibre rolls
Silt fences

On most construction sites, it is virtually impossible to keep sediment-charged water from flowing into surrounding bodies of water or storm sewer systems. However, a wide range of equipment exists for reducing sediment propagation.

At Terraquavie, we manufacture a number of products that effectively capture or contain sediments: for instance, turbidity curtains, dewatering bags, silt fences, sewer manhole and catch basin sediment traps, and sediment retention fibre rolls.

These products are generally ten times as effective when used in the context of an overall sediment and erosion management plan, with bare soil exposure minimized and runoff effectively managed.

As manufacturer, we can tailor our products to suit the specific conditions of your project and thereby optimize your on-site operations. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you need.