Water treatment

Water treatment2020-12-02T15:27:28-05:00
Sludge dewatering bags
Baffle curtains for drinking-water reservoirs
Floating wastewater curtains

Wastewater and drinking-water treatment requires various technical materials and custom solutions.

In accordance with your specific designs, Terraquavie manufactures floating wastewater curtains used in treatment lagoons and water baffles for drinking-water reservoirs.

In addition, we also distribute sludge dewatering bags and geosynthetic products such as impermeable geomembranes and geotextiles.

Terraquavie water purification solutions are used in dredging projects and in municipal, mining and industrial applications.

With our knowledge of geosynthetics and our manufacturing capacity, we can brainstorm with you on more potential solutions specifically suited to your needs.

Contact our technical team and let us apply our expertise to planning and implementing your water treatment projects.