Woven geotextiles

Woven geotextiles give very good reinforcing performance, because they stretch very little compared with nonwoven geotextiles. Another advantage is that they absorb little water and thus remain light at all times.


Woven geotextiles offer very high tensile strength with little stretching. They are used for soil reinforcement and separation in road and parking lot projects, as they increase the bearing capacity of substrates.

They are also a very effective way of creating large cleared surfaces for cultivation zones and areas where potted plants are sold. They are thus used in ornamental horticulture and agriculture, but also in civil engineering and landscaping.

Terraquavie manufactures large woven-geotextile cover cloths for soils undergoing treatment.

Woven geotextiles are classified in terms of rigidity. Terraquavie uses this type of geotextile in manufacturing containment curtains and offers a full inventory in full-size rolls available for delivery. We are also equipped to cut and seam these geotextiles to meet your specific needs.

WOVEN GEOTEXTILES comparative table
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