sediment control

Sewer manhole and catch bassin sediment traps

Product manufactured by Terraquavie


Sediment traps capture sediment transported by runoff at your site. They are designed for installation between the rim and the grate of sewer manholes and catch basins. Unlike a piece of geotextile, this solution enables catch basins to collect water while your project is ongoing. This mitigation measure is a component of environmental protection plans and erosion and sediment control kits.

Sewer manhole and catch basin sediment traps (CBSTs) are manufactured with high-performance woven geotextile in a standard format that fits most water catchment systems: 1 metre in diameter and 0.9 m deep.

Trappe à sédiments pour regards d’égout et puisards - Gestion des sédiments - Environnement - Terraquavie


The traps are designed with a top hem into which metal bars can be inserted during installation. After removing the grate, the trap is inserted into the catch basin, leaving the support bars outside, and the grate is placed over the trap. Trap maintenance entails emptying the trap, depending on the quantity of sediment input at the site. CBSTs should be checked regularly, and definitely after any precipitation. When sediment accumulation reaches the yellow cord inside the trap, maintenance is required. Remove the trap, empty it, clean and reinsert. When there is no longer a risk of sediment input, the trap can be removed, cleaned and kept for other projects.

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