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Custom cutting and manufacturing

Custom cutting and manufacturing2021-11-29T16:59:04-05:00

We can cut and/or assemble all the materials we sell to meet your specific requirements, whether that means supplying rolls of optimal width for your needs, adapting one of our products to your specifications or designing a totally new, complex part.

Terraquavie employs various manufacturing processes:

  • industrial sewing;

  • hot air thermoplastic welding

  • hot wedge thermoplastic welding;

  • mechanical assembly.

Fabrication et coupe sur mesure - Terraquavie Envionnement & Géosynthétique

Tailored solutions for our clients.

Here are some examples of solutions we developed in response to specific challenges our partners encountered:

  • Assembly by sewing a concrete curing geotextile onto a watertight membrane with straps for underwater concrete work

  • Temporary float block for transporting materials underwater, rather than using a crane

  • Large cover tarp for a composting site

  • Custom silt bags

  • Permanent cover tarp for a conveyor

  • Modification of a containment curtain to allow divers easier access

  • Portable treatment lagoon

  • Turtle and small animal fence

  • Hydrocarbon-resistant berm and retention fence

  • Boom for cranberry harvest

  • Floating debris tarp

  • Cover tarp for manure pit

  • Jute cloth to fight Eurasian watermilfoil

  • Planter

We are experts in manufacturing from geotextiles. Put our know-how to work for you by contacting our technical department: your challenges are our challenges

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