Environmental and nautical safety

Erosion and sediment control kit

This is a set of products kept at the construction site to ensure a prompt, appropriate response to manage sediment and control erosion. It allows your site to comply with the requirements of your environmental protection plan.

Custom assembled based on a number of criteria: site type, size and location; work techniques used; applicable regulations; environmental action plan and client’s needs.

Trousse d'intervention pour le contrôle des sédiments et de l'érosion - Sécurité environnementale et nautique - Environnement - Produit de Terraquavie Envionnement & Géosynthétique - Manufacturier de solutions environnementales pour la construction, le génie civil, le génie minier et l’industrie

A kit may contain silt fences, sediment retention fibre rolls, wood stakes, quick fasteners, wire, erosion control mats and staples, silt bags, sewer manhole and catch basin sediment traps, containment and sedimentation curtains, geomembranes, geotextile, rope, container bags and sand bags.

Respond quickly to unforeseen challenges: keep it at each of your sites.