Reducing exposure of bare soil

Seeds and mulches for hydroseeding

Seeds and mulches for hydroseeding2020-12-02T13:46:29-05:00

Revegetation of bare soil is an effective technique for reducing erosion and minimizing sediment transport into rainwater catchment systems and watercourses.

We offer a full range of native seeds, sod and ground-cover seed blends and hydroseeding mulches.

These products are used in revegetation and sodding projects, whether for major road construction, large-scale building, mine site restoration or residential projects.

Depending on the grade and dimensions of the surface to be sodded, seeds and hydroseeding mulch will need to be used in combination with erosion control matting.

Hydroseeding mulch is applied by specialists in the field, as the job requires specialized equipment.

We maintain a diverse inventory for rapid delivery and also offer, by order, a full range of the most common seeds and hydroseeding mulches on the market. Give us a call for prompt, courteous service.

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