Drainage, conduit and watercourse diversion

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) and galvanized corrugated metal (GCM) culverts

Plastic conduits made of HDPE and metal ones made of GCM collect and channel runoff and storm water. They are needed on all projects.

Terraquavie distributes the full range of HDPE drains and culverts and corrugated metal culverts that meet BNQ standards.

Our manufacturing partners offer custom engineering and solution design services when needed.

We can supply, on order, a wide variety of pipes, catchment basins, manholes and related accessories at competitive prices. We also stock some of the most popular culvert models.

Contact our team to tell us your needs.

Ponceaux de polyéthylène haute densité (PEHD) et de tôle ondulée galvanisée (TOG) - Drainage, canalisation et dérivation de cours d’eau - Environnement - Produit de Terraquavie Envionnement & Géosynthétique - Manufacturier de solutions environnementales pour la construction, le génie civil, le génie minier et l’industrie