Reducing exposure of bare soil

Hydroseeding mulch

Hydroseeding mulch Wood-Lok 100 hydroseeding mulch is made from fresh-cut pine fibre and poplar wood chips. It is manufactured by a fiberization process that involves high temperatures and steam, after which it is dyed, dried and packaged. The green colour of the blend is a visual aid to [...]

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Native seeds

Native seeds In projects involving naturalization or restoration of protected sites, specific seed blends are often required, or the seeds used must be for native plants. This also applies for projects in wetland environments and riparian strips or along streambanks. Fonction Revegetation [...]

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Temporary covers

Temporary covers Covering ground that has been temporarily cleared during construction is an excellent way of stabilizing the soil and limiting sediment transport into bodies of water and wetlands as well as storm sewer systems and urban infrastructure. It is also a great way to preserve the dryness [...]

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Ground protection mats

Ground protection mats Plastic ground protection mats optimize on-site operations by safeguarding surfaces against damage caused by circulating machinery. They avoid the costs associated with repairing these surfaces and prevent machinery from sinking where the soil is soft. Ground protection mats can be used to stabilize [...]

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100% biodegradable erosion control matting

100% biodegradable erosion control matting Our 100% biodegradable erosion control matting, made of woven coconut fibre (coir) twine, covers the soil to hold sediment in place. In comparison to net matting, 100% biodegradable mats withstand more stringent constraints and have a longer functional life. They are delivered in [...]

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