Sediment control

Turbidity curtains

Turbidity curtains Our service, your success: outstanding delivery times, custom manufacturing and a vast, varied inventory! Terraquavie is a Canadian industry leader in the manufacture of turbidity curtains—we are renowned for the expertise of our team, the quality of our products and our speedy service. A turbidity [...]

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Sewer manhole and catch bassin sediment traps

Sewer manhole and catch bassin sediment traps Product manufactured by Terraquavie Fonction Sediment traps capture sediment transported by runoff at your site. They are designed for installation between the rim and the grate of sewer manholes and catch basins. Unlike a piece of geotextile, this [...]

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Dewatering bags

Dewatering bags Dewatering bags are made from geotextiles, a geosynthetic product that we distribute. Nonwoven geotextiles are the type most often used, as they have a high flow rate and water filtration is one of their main functions. The bags are assembled with double lockstitch seams around the [...]

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Silt fences

Silt fences Land-based sediment barriers (silt fences) are composed of pointed wooden stakes to which a strip of geotextile is attached with industrial staples. Terraquavie manufactures two silt fence (SF) models needed for sediment control on construction sites. The standard model is made of woven geotextile, whereas the [...]

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