Turbidity curtains

Turbidity curtains Our service, your success: outstanding delivery times, custom manufacturing and a vast, varied inventory! Terraquavie is a Canadian industry leader in the manufacture of turbidity curtains—we are renowned for the expertise of our team, the quality of our products and our speedy service. A turbidity [...]

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Self-supporting bags for concrete mixer clean-out

Self-supporting bags for concrete mixer clean-out These bags, made of woven polypropylene treated with a coating, have a capacity of 0.82 m3. A bamboo frame holds the bag open and upright for easy filling. Ties anchor the bag to keep it from blowing away before the first [...]

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Silt bags

Silt bags Silt bags are made from geotextiles, a geosynthetic product that we distribute. Nonwoven geotextiles are the type most often used, as they have a high flow rate and water filtration is one of their main functions. The bags are assembled with double lockstitch seams around the [...]

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