Sludge dewatering bags

Sludge dewatering bags Sludge dewatering bags are tubes of high-performance woven geotextile used to dry sludge and sediment, making recovery and disposal easier. The most popular applications are dewatering of sludge from treatment lagoons, catch basins, dredging, leachate treatment pools and tailings ponds. The dewatering bags are equipped [...]

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Woven geotextiles

Woven geotextiles Woven geotextiles give very good reinforcing performance, because they stretch very little compared with nonwoven geotextiles. Another advantage is that they absorb little water and thus remain light at all times. Function Woven geotextiles offer very high tensile strength with little stretching. They [...]

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Baffle curtains for drinking-water reservoirs

Baffle curtains for drinking-water reservoirs Baffle curtains are used in drinking-water reservoirs to increase the water’s residence time. Baffle curtain design is specific to each reservoir, and is dictated by how long the water must remain in contact with the chemicals used in the treatment process. The [...]

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Anchoring systems

Anchoring systems An anchoring system usually comprises a Danforth or mushroom anchor connected to a chain about two metres long, which in turn is roped to a buoy. Available anchors vary in weight from 5 kg to 30 kg. Buoy size is calculated based on the weight of [...]

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Personal protection and other equipment

Personal protection and other equipment For work carried out in the water or near a watercourse, personal flotation equipment and rescue stations are often mandatory. The Mustang MD3157 lifejacket is the one most often used in the construction industry. Flotation coats and flotation suits can also be [...]

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Nonwoven geotextiles

Nonwoven geotextiles Nonwoven geotextiles are made up of randomly arranged short fibres linked together by means of a needle-punching and/or thermo-calendering process. They have a felt-like appearance. Function This type of geotextile is the one most often used, for various applications, on the majority of [...]

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Containment booms

Containment booms A containment boom is a PVC-coated expanded polypropylene float that has a skirt with a ballast chain at the bottom. When needed, these booms can be equipped with ASTM-type slide connectors and a steel cable. They are necessary as a temporary environmental mitigation measure for the [...]

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